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doctor, microbiome specialist, experimental runner

I’m Gábor Patay, M.D.

and with the help of my colleagues, I'm trying to prove that the treatment we propose can transfer performance from one person to another.
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If you were to ask why...

There are many interesting stories about how someone was able to stay healthy for a lifetime. But can someone who has managed to keep their own body in balance for many years help others? If so, then health can be accompanied by performance.

It would be an extremely lengthy experiment to prove that it is possible to transfer the health of one person to another, so we are trying to push the boundaries of this science, which is still in its infancy, in the opposite direction: to try to transfer the 'skills' of a high performing athlete to an average person. Me. In 300 days, combining our chronic disease eradication programme with our proprietary microbiota transfer process, we are trying to make a man of nearly 50 years capable of running 90 km: between 20 August 2023 and 14 June 2024.

I am aware of the physical and health risks, but I am much more concerned about how to achieve a "quality life" instead of a "long life". And the basis for this is undoubtedly our muscles and skeletal system, the performance they can provide us with.

That's what The Microbiome Run is all about, this is our experiment.

We are MicroBiome Bank

A team of physicians, we are working on the transfer of gut microbiome composition and its impact on metabolism. As all successful projects are backed by a well-constructed team, we hope that our extensive expertise in medicine, microbiology and medical informatics will help us to prove that the programme we have developed can be applied in extreme conditions.

Attila Bezzegh, M.D.

Medical Director, Medical Doctor, Microbiologist

As head of MicroBiome Bank's laboratory, I am responsible for the safe introduction of the latest microbiological technologies that help our company to provide the highest quality and safest service in microbiome transfer to the institutions we serve.

Gábor Patay, M.D.

Microbiome Specialist, Medical Doctor

In line with MicroBiome Bank's strategy, my primary role is to provide professional support to colleagues performing microbiome transfer and transplantation in institutions. In my daily work, I am responsible for the isolation of adverse reactions during treatment and symptoms unrelated to therapy

László Hernold, M.D.

Commercial Director, Medical Doctor

As an intensive care physician, I liaise with hospitals and clinics, providing colleagues with up-to-date information on the use of microbiome transfer and transplantation, with a special focus on CD infections.

Attila Belatiny-Kenéz M.D.

Director General. Medical Doctor

My primary task is to formulate the company's strategy, to reconcile the latest research knowledge and legal requirements on microbiome transplantation and transfer, and to provide up-to-date information to patient care and educational institutions.

Thank you so much for putting so much energy into these writings! My "storekeeper" and I look forward to the sequel.
Adrienne K.
I read it. I am getting more and more interested in the solution. One question if I drink the chia juice before a run is it good? I used to run on an empty stomach or so, although I'm not running now due to an injury, but plan to again.
Nora N.
A lot of things have been cleared up in my head by these writings, thank you. Unfortunately I'm starting to slip into that category where most of my efforts are already going badly, so I'm very interested in how to stretch the corridor again.
Tibor N.
Hang in there and good luck. Take your biomechanics seriously my friend.
Zsolt Zsakai M.D.
My curiosity has been piqued by this post, yesterday (Saturday) I tested how long I can go without food. On Friday I didn't eat after lunch, it's already usual for me before long races.
Csaba Cs.
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